Bundestag: Go European
- For more European democracy!

The current state of the European Union is threatening its citizens and their solidarity. For the first time, European unity seems on the brink of collapse. The backroom politics of national governments has no future.

It is more important than ever before that we, citizens of Europe, decided for ourselves what shape our shared future will take. We must make the European Union a real democracy in order to protect it from those who seek to undermine it.

Sign our joint petition now to make European politics more democratic and German politics more European. We want to ensure that the next German federal government makes its contribution to creating a better Europe. Your signature sends a clear message to members of the German Bundestag: The moment for a citizens’ Europe is now!

Every signature counts! Whether you’re from Albania or Zimbabwe, anyone can sign the petition, regardless of citizenship.

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Bundestag: Go European
- For more European democracy!

We, an alliance of pro-European organisations, are calling on the German Bundestag (parliament) to make intensive use of its political influence on European politics to secure and strengthen European democracy in the nineteenth legislative period. The new members of the Bundestag are to make the necessary provisions to this end. In concrete terms, we are calling for a strong commitment to electoral law, the reform of EU institutions, safeguarding democracy and the rule of law, and transparency.

Strengthen European electoral law!

We call on the German Bundestag …

1. Let the citizens determine the presidency of the European Commission

... to be firmly committed to EU-wide high-profile candidates in European electoral law. In the future, each European party should nominate a candidate for the presidency of the Commission before the European elections. Then we, the citizens, will be able to use our voice to decide who leads the Commission.

2. A European second vote for the European elections

... to work to ensure that the 73 seats in the European Parliament that will be left open by Brexit are filled in a pan-European election. All European citizens who are entitled to vote should have an equal voice. This is intended to set the standard for future European elections.

3. Each voice should count equally

... in the long term, to fully implement the principle of equal voting for European elections.

Make European institutions more democratic and effective!

We call on the German Bundestag …

1. Right of initiative and full co-decision for the European Parliament

... to commit to endowing the European Parliament with the right of initiative and equal decision rights with the Council in all legislative procedures.

2. More democracy in the election of the EU Commission

... to ensure that Commissioners are elected by the European Parliament alone − without interference from national governments. Parliament should also be able to dismiss the Commission by means of a constructive vote of mistrust with an absolute majority of the deputies.

3. One Parliament, one seat

... to promote the transfer of all activities of the European Parliament to one single place to avoid double leadership in Brussels and Strasbourg. The Parliament itself is to determine this sole place of work.

4. Further develop the European Citizens' Initiative

… to advocate The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) as a binding citizens’ instrument in European decisionmaking.

An undemocratic Europe without the rule of law – not on our watch!

We call on the German Bundestag …

1. Possibilities of sanction for the European Court of Justice

... to ensure that standards of democracy and the rule of law are guaranteed in all EU Member States. The decision on penalties (up to the abolition of voting rights) is not to be taken solely by heads of state and government. The European Court of Justice should also be able to impose sanctions against Member States in the event of violations of the basic values of the EU.

2. Strengthen European civil society

… to promote appropriate programmes to strengthen the capacity of civil society in EU Member States. Civil society is a cornerstone of democracy and the rule of law in every country.

3. To implement European fundamental values in the European parties

... to urge all parties represented in the Bundestag to ensure the implementation of common European values within their European party families. There cannot be close cooperation with parties who neglect European fundamental rights.

Europe needs more transparency, now!

We call on the German Bundestag 

1. Live streaming of all Council meetings

... to ensure that all meetings of the European Council, the Council of Ministers, and all other intergovernmental EU bodies (such as the Eurogroup) are broadcast live on the Internet and that the official minutes of these meetings are published.

2. An obligatory lobby register

... to create an obligatory lobby register for all EU institutions and a list of all meetings between lobbyists and EU representatives.

3. Disclosure of negotiation mandates

... to ensure that the mandates for the negotiation of free trade and other international agreements of the EU are published and that full transparency is guaranteed at every step of the negotiations.

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